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Revolutionizing shopping through
Body Shape Intelligence

Helping the apparel industry unlock the next generation of personalization

We help apparel retailers...

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Increase Conversion

 6 of 7  items rejected in the dressing room or abandoned online

Show the right pieces for their body shape the first time

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Decrease Returns

Returns are exceeding 30%

Apparel industry is over producing by 30%

Help your customers keep and love what they buy

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Optimize Inventory

Manage inventory across body shape cohorts and geography

Increase inventory turnover ratios

Slow down discounting cycles

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Increase Sustainability

Send less unsold merchandise to secondhand markets

Reduce the 21B lbs of apparel that end up in landfills each year

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Democratizing style by automating the wisdom of a stylist

Shoppers are faced with an overabundance of choice, leading to style sampling and out of control return rates. RevShopp is the only provider of the Body Shape Intelligence™ platform, offering scalable solutions for retailers, wholesalers and subscription services.

We have styled over 3000 women to understand body shape and validate our approach. We've unlocked the key data points to true personalization, helping shoppers feel their best in the clothes they buy.

We answer the question, why does this fit, but still look horrible on me?

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Body Shape Intelligence™ platform

We have harnessed the knowledge and experience of personal stylists to develop our core Body Shape Intelligence™ platform. We consume raw data from the retailer's catalog and run it through our proprietary algorithm using attribute recognition on each item of clothing. The system identifies, ranks and maps each piece by body shape to feed actionable data back to the retailer. The retailer is then able to filter their assortment to show customers what items will work best on their body shape.

Use Cases

  • eCommerce

  • In-store - kiosk & price tags

  • Assortment buying

  • Merchandiser planning

  • Personalized email and advertising

  • Subscription boxes

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"I have a new love of fashion, defining my style and wearing what looks best on me."

V. Dichiara

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