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Revolutionizing shopping through
Body Shape Intelligence

Help your customers unlock the next generation of AI personalization

Put your shoppers in the drivers seat

There's more to fit than size alone.  Just because an item is the correct size doesn't guarantee shoppers will love and keep what they buy.
Helping your customers shop for their body shape you both win.

Cream and White Clothes


Shoppers visit your product list pages (PLP)


The filter by choosing one of 6 body shapes


Items are scored, showing the most lovable pieces at the top


Your shoppers purchase, love and keep what they buy!


Diversity in body shape


Democratizing style by automating the expertise of a stylist

Let's face it shoppers are tired. While you are trying to provide your customers enough choice for their personal tastes, they are simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Too much of a good thing is leading to brand hopping, style sampling and skyrocketing return rates.

IRL we've styled over 3000 women to understand that size is only one component of 'fit' and that dressing for your body shape has been the missing piece. We've witnessed this first hand to know what makes women feel terrific in their skin.

We answer the question...
Why does this fit, but still looks horrible on me?


Body Shape Intelligence™ platform

We have harnessed the knowledge and experience of personal stylists to develop our core Body Shape Intelligence™ platform. We consume raw data from your catalog and run it through our proprietary algorithm using attribute recognition on each item of clothing. The system leverages AI/ML to identify, rank and score each piece by body shape to feed actionable data back to your. This offers the ability to then to then sort the items on your product list page showing customers what items will work best on their body shape and leave them feeling great.

Promote product discovery and encourage user engagement. Hook your shoppers early in the funnel and get them closer to conversion with confidence.


Apparel eCommerce, filtering and sorting
In-store price tags, kiosks, stylist support

Assortment planning, buying & inventory
Personalized marketing

Subscription box optimization

Salesforce commerce cloud partnership


RevShopp is thrilled to partner with Salesforce as an exclusive innovation partner in their ISV program. Using our unique technology, Body Shape Intelligence™, we will integrate our e-commerce solution into Salesforce Commerce Cloud FKA Demandware. This will allow brands and retailers to offer their customers a compelling and personalized way to shop by surfacing the right pieces for their shape.


Our mission is to empower individuals and foster sustainability within the clothing industry. Building strong relationships and practicing conscious leadership are integral to our approach in engaging with all stakeholders in our ecosystem. We firmly believe that if you can envision it, you can achieve it.

Amy Wister  CEO + Co-Founder

  • LinkedIn

Amy is a unique CEO with an MBA in finance with tenure at Intel and a side career as a personal stylist which all led to the idea for Body Shape Intelligence™.

Subbu Balakrishnan Co-Founder

  • LinkedIn

Subbu is an empathic technical architect and a two-time TechStars alum, with deep expertise across product development and engineering with a passion for bringing ideas to life.



What Others Say

"I have a new love of fashion, defining my style and wearing what looks best on me."

V. Dichiara

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